Your partner in green lifestyle.
Gotoll GmbH is a young but rapidly maturing company. Our network of clients and suppliers ranges over Europe and East Asia. We are a trading company built by enthusiasts in green lifestyle with an engineering background.

Distribution Network
Gotoll Distribution Network

We offer tailored distribution for long-lasting market growth. Our network considers not only the sales possibilities but also the potential on the market. Our goal is to develop and rapidly adapt the distribution strategy for each individual brand and product, based on our research on the targeted market.

Storage and Logistics
Storage and Logistics

Storage and logistics is the backbone of Gotoll GmbH. Our team is fully committed to delivering products to our clients’ shelves on time and safely. We construct our storage and logistics by developing a dedicated management and optimisation software-hardware system, which ultimately improves the efficiency, safety and punctuality – all at once.
Sales in Cloud
International trading evolves into the cloud era. We support our distribution network not only with conventional workforce, but also with internet centred information infrastructure. We provide online portal to our wholesaler for both B2B transaction and B2C purchase, efficiently and securely. We also provide our own mobile App development service tailored for our partners and share the statistical analysis of sales data with our partners.